Wayfare Impact partners with high net worth investors and family offices to make impact investments in multi-family real estate.


Wayfare is a private investment management firm which works exclusively with high net worth investors and family offices to make direct impact investments in U.S. multi-family real estate.  Many of our investors are based overseas and we cater especially to investors who have their origins in Latin America.

We rely on our deep domain knowledge and extensive experience in the U.S. real estate sector to structure income producing real estate investments with long-term appreciation potential.

As a privately-owned investment firm, Wayfare has great flexibility in the properties and markets we pursue and no predetermined investment period or exit timing.  Given the cyclical nature of the real estate sector and uneven timing of the cycles across asset classes and geographies, this flexibility gives us an edge in realizing long-term value appreciation.  Our ability to take a long-term perspective and capitalize on the ebb and flow of the market comes from the fact we only make private and majority-control direct investments in properties that are income producing.

In conclusion, more so than property type or geography, what characterizes Wayfare’s investments is a blend of impact (“social and environmental”), safety (“current income”) and upside (“long-term value appreciation”) which provides an attractive return on investment without assuming excessive or speculative risk.


Co-investing alongside its HNW and family office investment partners, Wayfare makes direct impact investments in U.S. real estate managed and operated by Wayfare.

Our business model is based on establishing long-term relationships with HNW investors and family offices that value privacy and investing directly using an investment partnership model.  Wayfare’s investment partnership model is principally based on participation in realized income vs. the typical fund investment model which has guaranteed fees based on invested capital.  We take our fiduciary role very seriously and our accounting, reporting, administration, and risk management practices are rigorous and institutional grade.  Nevertheless, ours is ultimately a business of personal relationships and trust; we still believe a word and handshake means something and business goes well beyond delivering value and performance.

Our preferred partnership is balanced, not excessively complex, and allows Wayfare the ability to create long-term value while providing adequate assurances for our investment partners.

If you’re interested in learning more about investing with Wayfare, we welcome to learn more about you and your investment objectives. Please contact us.

If you’re interested to learn more about investing with Wayfare Impact, we welcome to learn more about you and your investment objectives.  Please contact us for more information.